Apex Launcher | FAQs: Everything You Need to Know

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Hey everyone! Today, let’s chat about Apex Launcher. It’s a cool tool for Android phones. Imagine changing how your home screen looks – that’s what Apex Launcher does, and it’s awesome.

Tired of your phone’s same old look? Apex Launcher can help. It’s frustrating when everything feels messy, and finding apps is hard. But with Apex Launcher, you can easily make your home screen look just the way you want.

Apex Launcher has cool themes you can pick from. Say goodbye to boring backgrounds! You can choose from lots of styles, whether you like simple or colorful.

And guess what? You can also change how your app icons look. No more boring icons – now you can pick ones that show your style.

And keeping things neat is easy too. With Apex Launcher, you can put your apps in folders, so everything’s organized. No more searching through lots of apps to find what you need!

Want to hide some apps? No problem. Apex Launcher lets you do that too, so you can keep things private.

And it’s really easy to use. You don’t need to be a tech expert to figure it out – everything is simple.

Download from here. 

Troubleshooting and Frequently Asked Questions are Answered

Installation and Setup:

How do I install ApexLauncher on my Android device?

Visit our website and navigate to the installation page.

Follow the simple steps provided to download and install the app.


Can I use custom icon packs with ApexLauncher?

Yes, it supports custom icon packs.

Download an icon pack from the Play Store.

Go to Apex Launcher settings > Theme Settings > Icon Pack to choose your desired pack.

How do I backup my ApexLauncher settings and layout?

Go to Apex Launcher settings > Backup & Restore.

Backup your settings and layout to your device or cloud storage from there.

How can I create folders on the home screen with ApexLauncher?

Long-press on an app icon or widget.

Drag and drop it onto another app icon to create a folder.


ApexLauncher is lagging or crashing frequently. What should I do?

Clear Apex Launcher’s cache: Settings > Apps > Apex Launcher > Storage > Clear Cache.

Restart your device.

Reinstall the app if the issue persists.

Can I hide apps from the app drawer in ApexLauncher?

Yes, long-press on the app you want to hide.

Select “Hide App” and access hidden apps in the settings > Hidden Apps.

How do I fix ApexLauncher if it’s not responding?

Restart your device.

Clear the app cache or reinstall Apex Launcher from the Play Store.

ApexLauncher is consuming excessive battery. What steps can I take to reduce battery usage?

Disable unnecessary features like animations or live wallpapers in the settings.

Ensure you’re using the latest version of the tool for battery optimizations.

Additional Support:

How do I report a bug or issue with ApexLauncher to the developers?

Visit Apex Launcher’s page on the Google Play Store.

Scroll down to find the “Developer” section and contact the developers directly with bug reports or issues.

Does ApexLauncher support gesture navigation?

Yes, the app supports gesture navigation.

Enable it in the settings for an enhanced navigation experience.