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 You all know about the recent Bushfire. This is an unfortunate incident that we had to hear within the 2020 year. Even if it is was a piece of unfortunate news with the beginning of this new year. Do you know this !! Many citizens from most of the countries pray for Australia. That was a natural disaster. There isn’t any beginner for such types of disasters. Even those Bushfires are very hard to stop. Most of the time, heavy rains will able to stop that. There aren’t any advantages to these Bush fires. But also there may be huge destruction of the jungle. I think you have some small idea about this Bushfire. Actually, what is a Bushfire???? Then we will see it. 

What is Bushfire???? 

   This Bushfire can be defined as a wildfire that occurs within the jungles, woods, or forests. And also in the bushes. Australia, New Zealand, and New Caledonia are some major places that can occur these types of unfavourable effects. From the above, southern Australia is the most affected area. That season can be summer, autumn, or else drought periods. 

   That is about the main details about this Bush fire. Now we will turn around to the Bushfire that occurred in Australia. Our main topic is the Bushfire that occurs in the 2019 – 2020 within Australia. But we know all the Bushfires within Australia. Even we had seen them.

Sydney opera house

   All over the Bushfires in Australia cause many property damages and affect for the death of over 800 Australian people. Other than that, about the deaths of an uncountable number of animals. Few numbers of Bushfires cause for the reproduction of their plants. This above sentence means grass trees are sending up large flower spikes. That spikes are to assist in the procreation of the spices. Even that process causes the death of the parental plant. 

   Even in the ancestral period, they use fire to clear the grasslands and the forests for hunting purposes and cultivating them. In those times, there were many rainfalls during such a period. Many of the Bushfires occur during the drought season and the heat waves. The most suitable example for that is the 2009 southeastern Australia heatwave. That affected the 2009 black Saturday Bushfire, which had done very large destruction. About 180 people died during this. 

  In other than that, the Bushfires started in Australia are difficult to control and nonstructural. Australia has to face this type of Bushfires because of its location. There are mainly two main categories of the Bushfires, according to its topographical location. 

  They are as hilly or mountainous fires and flat or grassland fires. Now we can look at what are those two fires. 

  • Hilly or mountainous fires 

  These are occurring in areas like hilly, alpine, and mountainous locations. And most of those areas are dense forests. 

  • Flat or grassland fires 

Australian Bush fire

  These are occurring in the flat plains or the areas of undulation. And the areas that are predominantly covered with grass and scrublands. There are many types of fire that can spread quickly. Also, they aren’t difficult to map and predict. Those many flat terrains are cleared for agricultural purposes.

These all above are about the main two types of Bushfires, according to the topography. Now we will see more about these fires. There are reasons for the Bushfires. Some of them are clearing lands arching of power lines in overhead, grinding, and welding activities campfires and sparks of pieces of machinery. 

  The changing climatic seasons are even some reasons for remain these Bush fires. The long drought period, or hot period cause for the dangerous nature of the Bushfires. Strong wind helps to promote these Bushfires. According to the climatic reports even, Australia is causing the rapid increase in the frequency and intensity of the heat waves and droughts. 

   For a better understanding of these droughts, I will give you an example. Australia had experienced about 15% decline of the late autumn and early winter rainfall of the 25% decline as an average. Even the intergovernmental panel on climate change stated that the ongoing anthropogenic climate changes within the atmosphere of Australia cause the increase of the intensity and the frequency of fire in Australia. After that, the Australian Council made a report with the title of this is not normal. In that report, the future cates tropic Bushfires conditions are included. I mean the Bushfires that can affect in the areas like NSW and Queensland. 


Australian Bush fire

   I have told you many details, but this is not all. There are some more. This is a sad incident for many people, as I said in the above. There are about numerous animals lose their lives because of this Bush fire. Certainly, that is unfortunate news for animal lovers around the world. But it is the nature of our lives. One day we have to go leaving everything behind. The only thing is we can’t predict the exact date and time that we have to leave this life. 

  Then we will see more about the Bushfires. Tathra Bushfire, tabular Bushfire, tingha Bushfire, Yorke peninsula Bushfire, cuddle creek Bushfire, and kangaroo Island Bushfire are major Bushfires that happened recently. As for the safety precautions, local authorities of Australia provide education for the residents. For which residents you are thinking. The residents in the areas that affect Bushfires heavily. That education includes how to escape from such a disaster. 

   Here there are three fires made a single blaze by joining them. The region of the combination of these fires is at the Omeo region in Victoria state. It created a 6000 hectares blaze. That estimation is according to Gippsland’s department of the environment. And in the south of Sydney, the fire is very violent. According to the rural fire service, it is out of control. It destroys 264,000 hectares of land area. 

   The warning of this condition is given on the last Saturday. That is about the increasing of the temperature and the picking up of the wind. Bureau stated that,

today will be a severe to extreme fire danger through many districts”. 

   Other than that, the temperature of the Canberra reached up to 44 degrees. That is even a pre-warning of this disaster. Also, Western Sydney reached a temperature of about 48.9 degrees.

after Australian Bush fire

  Then the prime minister of Australia said that there were about 23 people died. And more than 1500 houses destroyed due to this fire. With these above conditions, NSW became a state of emergency, while Victoria named as the state of the disaster. There were about 3000 Australian defence force reserve troops deployed to the emergency areas. Other than that, the water bombing provided by the Australian navy’s largest ship. 

  Morrison stated that,

” today is about ensuring we deal with the urgent crisis that is existing across fire grounds in four states, in particular, to ensure we are giving everything that is needed on the ground without being asked.”

    About 1000 people were evacuated from the Victoria beach town by the navy of Australia. The three forces of Australia worked together to overcome this disaster. Actually, we have to appreciate their attempt because they were risking their own lives and rescue other people. Not only the people but also animals. 

  Usually, fires are making for several months. Bit the actual disastrous situation is the wind. With the wind, this fire is even increasing. Wind makes fires very violent and bigger. Not only that, but also the embarks from the fire transfer through the wind. That is for long distances. Through those embarks, there may be more new fires. Even the wind makes the fire more difficult to control. 

  The speed of the wind in the new south Wales is about 80 mph or 128 km/h. Can you imagine how strong that wind is??? Not only the normal people about four firefighters even injured because of this Bushfire. Three of them because of the heat exhaustion while the other one burned his hand.

After Australian Bush fire

  I think I have given you much knowledge about these incidents. They are unfavourable effects due to man’s activities even. I know that you even hope that these disasters will stop very soon. Even I am praying for that. But the truth is we can’t stop natural disasters. At least we can follow safety precautions. 

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