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 Then I will have to ask a question. The above problem is, what can be the primary importance other than that similarity or else the differences of the high seven days. Guess the above. You know how many days are there for a week. Those are seven days. We know they are on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Even a small child knows it. Then I understand your question very well. The question is, what are the details about them. But there are some. We have to see what these are. Today I wished to tell you some facts about the above dates beyond your present knowledge. Keep your curiosity at this level. Then we can move to the main facts. 

The reason for seven days in the week 

   Why are there only seven days a week?? Can’t be there for six days or eight days?? What can be the reason causing that?? There has to be a definite reason. 

    Except that there may be another thing. You know how we wait for the weekend. That is to spend our leisure time. We know that one day, equal to the single rotation of our mother planet around its own axis. The one week or seven days similar to the seven rounds of the earth around its own axis. With the addition of such rotations, the year is completed. Those are 365 days for one year. There are 366 days for the leap year. 

  The factor for having seven days is respective to the celestial bodies. Those heavenly bodies as the sun, moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter,  and Saturn. Now you know the factor for the naming of the seven days. Like the first, the Babylonians made the formation of the seven days. Babylonians divided a single month into the four parts. This Babylonian calendar is the imagery of the above details. Then we will discuss the days of the week. Through the following, you can know some details that don’t exist in your mind. This is the position for it. Then see the below for it. 


The Monday

    Monday is after Sunday and before to Tuesday. That is the beginning day of the week. That is respective to the International method. But in a few of lands that use the first day like Sunday. The word Monday is not only an English term. It is derived from the word Monday. That is a middle English word. That means the day of the moon. And other than that above meaning signifies the day one of the weeks. 

  There are some specialties of the days of the week with some religions. It especially belongs to Monday. 

   On Monday, usually, in Christian churches, the angles are commemorated. Islam people usually observe fasting. Even the people believe in Judaism believes Monday as an auspicious day for fasting. The Torah is usually reading on Mondays. The above is related to the importance of the Monday for the religious groups. 

  There are some specific Mondays that had named with some names. Some of them are black Monday, blue Monday, first Monday, miracle Monday, clean Monday, cyber Monday, and big Monday. 

  Then the above details say the facts about Monday. I think you got more details than the amount you know. Then we can see the next day, 



  That is the day between Monday and Wednesday. Tuesday is considered to be the second day of the week. As in the above, this classification, according to the International standard. In countries like the United States, Tuesday is considered to be the third day. You know the reason for it. Sunday is the first day of such countries. The formation of the name of the day is similar to the above name. 

   The name Tuesday is derived from the Middle English word Tuesday. That was named after the Tiw. Tiw is a god. That meant for the law and justice. Then we will see the religious importance of Tuesday. 

   The orthodox churches the Tuesday allocated for the Saint John the Baptist. People following Hinduism use Tuesday to worship Hanuman, Durga, Ganesh, and Kali Lords. Some people observe fast on this day. 

  But according to the greek mythology, Tuesday considered an unlucky day. Astrology holds another idea about Tuesday. According to astrology, Tuesday is the day for Mars. There is another thing to tell you about Tuesday. Usually, the elections of the United States of America held on Tuesday. That is as a practice. In Australia, the Melbourne Cup planned on the first Tuesday of November. 

  There are specific names for the Tuesdays in the year. Some of the names are Easter Tuesday, Shrove Tuesday, Super Tuesday, black Tuesday, and patch Tuesday. Then we will see the next day. That is the, 


The Wednesday

  Wednesday is the day placed between Tuesday and Thursday. In some of the countries, there is Friday as a holiday. In such countries, Wednesday is considered to be as the fifth day of the week. As the above ones, this name is also associated with Middle English. That middle English word is Wednesday. That means for the day of wooden. Wednesday is the day middle on workdays. 

   According to historical beliefs, Wednesday knows as the day of Mercury. There is also a color associated with the Wednesday. That is green. There is a special name for Wednesday in North America. That is hump day. 

  As in the above topics, there are specific names for some Wednesdays of the year. They are as follows. The Ash Wednesday, Holy Wednesday and the red Wednesday 

Those above details are related to Wednesday. Then we have to see the next day. It is Thursday. Now we will see about Thursday. 



   You already know which days are next and before Thursday. They are Wednesday and Friday. According to the standard classifications, this is the fourth day of the week. The name Thursday even made out with the association of the old English. That term is Thursday. There is a special person based on the above terms. He is a god. The name is Thor. He is the god of thunder. 

  Other than that, according to the different beliefs, this is the day of Jupiter. Jupiter is also a god that meant for the thunder. According to the greek, this is the fifth day. Not only the greek but also there are such types of other countries. Some of them are like Iceland and Vietnam. 

  Then we will see the religious importance of Thursday. According to Christianity, Thursday is the day that the last supper occurred. In the Islam religion, Thursday considered another day that can observe fast. Even that is the same in Judaism too. They even fast on that day. 

  In Thailand, Thursday named the teacher’s day. That is, according to the Thai Buddhist calendar. Thursday considered being a special day in Australia. Some movies premiers and the Australians have received their salaries on Thursdays. Other than the above, the elections of the United Kingdom held on Thursdays. Local elections scheduled on the first Thursday of May. Even Thursday became the main subject for the many creations such as films and songs. 

  This above is related to the details of Thursday. Then we can see the next day of the week. 



   According to the International method, Friday considered the fifth day of the week. Friday is between Thursday and Saturday. In some countries, Friday is the first day of the weekend. The Maldives is such a type of country. Friday is the last day of the week in Iran. 

   Friday came with the old English word the day of the fridge. This day names as the day of venus. Normally Friday is considered as the fasting day for Christian people. In Thailand, they have selected a blue color for Friday. 

   There are several beliefs in various cultures. Some of the people holding some ideas of something. But another group of people sees the same thing in different aspects. This is even like that. Some people believe that Friday is an unlucky day. Plus, if 13 falls on Friday, it is also considered to be as very unlucky. 

  Good Friday is a day belong to the Christian people. Some Hindu people pray for the mother goddess on Fridays. And Islam people held their religious observances on Fridays. Jewish sabbath is an activity performed by the people who follow Judaism. That is also on Fridays. Black Friday, good Friday, and casual Fridays are named Fridays. 

   This all above is related to Friday. Then the next day is, 



  This day is the sixth day of the week. And in most of the countries, this is the start of the weekend. But in countries like Iran, this is the first workday. Saturday is in the middle of Friday and Sunday. According to Greek mythology, Saturday belongs to Saturn. 

   The name is derived from the West Germanic language. In religions like Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, Saturday is the seventh day. In Australia, Saturday is the day for elections. Also, In Israel, this is a rest day. That was assigned officially. On Saturdays, young children can eat sweets in countries like Sweden and Norway. That is the only day for that. 

 These above are some basic details about Saturday. Then there is only one remaining. That is Sunday. Now we will see about that. 



  The above would be able to mention as the last or the seventh day of the week. The above is not my word. That is according to the International standard. Sunday is the day between Monday and Saturday. In some of the countries, Sunday is the last day of the weekend while in some countries Sunday is the first workday. This is considered to be the day allocated for the sun. Israel and other types of Muslim countries are such countries. 

  According to the data from the Persian calendar, the second day of the week is Sunday. That above, there would be specific names for some Sundays. Examples for them are as cold Sunday, black Sunday, Easter Sunday, and gloomy Sunday. 

  The above are a few significant details of the above day. Now we came to the final part of the article today. I think these above are very beneficial to the readers. We collected more information about the above days that will make use of your knowledge library. Then we can spend the above some days meaningfully.

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