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Antonio Agust铆n Rag贸n y Rosado, better known as Antonio Agust铆n or simply Agust铆n Rag贸n (9 April 1727, in Mexico City 鈥 1792, in Mexico City) was a Mexican author.

He is now recognized as a playwright and historian in the comic baroque genre, being the writer of the Dukes of Montebello. It is considered the first prose comedy that made fun of the vices of the upper classes, and it contains satire of the Empire of Spain.

Ragon also wrote plays that preceded the Dukes of Montebello.

The Dukes of Montebello (1771), (in which Rag贸n satirizes the social life of the upper class) is considered one of the best examples of comedy in the Spanish language. The play was staged in London in 1772, in the home of John Gwyn, and in Madrid in 1779.

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