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The trick to dating is putting yourself out there and allowing yourself to be vulnerable. If there’s anything I’ve learned in my journey as a career-driven, single, intelligent woman of color, it’s that we’re scary AF to everyone we meet. We’re super confident, and we project that confidence. Even when we’re having the most horrible moments, we have to come to terms with the fact that, to the rest of the world, we’re a success. We’re at the top of our game, and we have to prove it. That’s why it’s so important that we put ourselves out there and allow ourselves to be vulnerable.

If you’re having the worst dating experience of your life—one that has resulted in an awful or unsuccessful date, of course—don’t beat yourself up, and certainly don’t let it discourage you from dating or getting back into the dating game. There will always be another set of matches, and you will find a man (or two!) who you click with more. Even if you don’t find love, you will learn more about yourself and the definition of intimacy, and that’s something to be grateful for.

And, because I have been there before, I want to share some tips that may help the process of approaching it.

Understand the Psychology

I have been on both sides of the table, so to speak. Before I dated, I hung out with the opposite sex a lot. I went to parties, I went to bars, I went on dates with friends. And, more often than not, they were awful. People were terrible to me, I was terrible to myself, and things were just…bad. I didn’t understand how I became the person with a questionable dating history, why I was repeatedly being treated badly, or why I was feeling so miserable.

I wanted to know why my dating experiences were so terrible, so I finally sat down and asked my friend Jay who, at the time, I thought was the best friend a girl could have. He laughed and said, “You’re awesome, but you’re one of the most self-critical people I know. You’re always on the look-out for what’s wrong with you. For every situation that goes south, you’ve got a list of things you’ve done wrong, and you keep wondering what that list will grow to. It will grow to be a very long list.”

I sat there dumbfounded. I had no idea I was
This guide has everything you need to know to date in 2017.

Dating as a college student can be difficult, and you are probably feeling a little out of your element. There is a lot of uncertainty about the future, whether or not you are going to graduate, and even whether or not you are going to end up getting a good job. (See: future planning) But you’re a student, so you don’t really have time to be worrying about all of that. There’s too much damn work to do.

Dating is hard. You’ve probably heard that before, and you’re probably in a place where you understand the sentiment. You’ve done your due diligence, you’ve been on a few dates, and there’s nothing really different between you and the next girl/guy except for one factor: confidence. Sure, maybe you’ve met some girls/guys with confidence, but let’s face it, they’re the exception to the rule, and it’s not like you’re gonna end up meeting a girl/guy like that just by scrolling through the same old, uninspiring profiles. Confidence comes from within. The more you put yourself out there, the better you are at breaking the ice (see: confidence and the secret to making friends) and the more confidence you build as the weeks go by. It’s not as hard as it may seem.

The more you put yourself out there, the better you are at breaking the ice (see: confidence and the secret to making friends) and the more confidence you build as the weeks go by.

1. Know the Law

A quick look at the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution is enough to know that you are, in fact, a free American. While you may not be a citizen, you are entitled to the same rights as anyone else. The law is the law, whether you are aware of it or not.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should be a law-breaker. All laws are made by humans, and many of them are very arbitrary, or even unfair, in their application. The law that says you can’t look at porn or listen to music on the subway is not a law that takes into account which job you’re in. Likewise, laws are made to protect other people, and not necessarily to help you. The law may not be your friend, but it is the law. Know it, understand it, and keep your dick in your


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