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Fun and Comical Anime Music is a visual novel producer that aims to create a unique music pack that injects humor and fun into every scenario it is used in. Looking for a soundtrack to increase the fun in your game? Fun and Comical Anime Music has something prepared for you!
Over 25 tracks that are sure to add a unique air of humor to your game!
Please consider purchasing this music pack to support the developer and fellow hobbyist.
* The music in this pack is not used with the purpose of harming or offending the legal rights of others
Full list of tracks included:
? Ride The Raft (Retro Slap Bass)
? Cause And Effect (Vivaldi)
? The Great Migration (Remix)
? Cage Of Emptiness (Vivaldi)
? Puppy Love (Remix)
? Its Gotta Be You (Remix)
? You Know, I Know (Remix)
? In The Beginning (Remix)
? Intergalactic Traffic (Remix)
? Startin’ Over (Remix)
? Karate Stomp (Retro Slap Bass)
? A Girl Like You (Remix)
? Hearts And Minuses (Remix)
? The Believer (Remix)
? I Love You (Remix)
? Down In Your Heart (Remix)
? It’s All Good (Remix)
? Broken (Remix)
? Divine (Remix)
? Golden Love (Remix)
? In The Middle (Remix)
? Sixty Miles An Hour (Remix)
? Reject (Remix)
? The Universe (Remix)
? Special Delivery (Remix)
? Make Me Stay (Remix)
? One Leaf At A Time (Remix)
? A Perfect World (Remix)
? Postcard (Remix)
? Freedom (Remix)
? Do You Remember Love (Remix)
? Animal House (Retro Slap Bass)
? To The Sky (Remix)
? Kermit the


ProjectM : Dream Features Key:

  • Prove your survival instinct in the stunning environments of an exclusive island.
  • Running out of essentials? Make perilous but necessary decisions without fear of falling into a treacherous pit.
  • Defy the elements by weathering the storm and surviving through tundra, snow, and rain.

About Mysterious Island

A mysterious, remote island. Abandoned or mysterious? You won't know until you get there. Will you survive, or perish trying?

About video game

Crashing landing in a mysterious island!Running out of essentials!Making perilous decisions!Surviving windstorms and surviving


Game Running so much!

Other key features

  • Prove your survival instinct in the stunning environments of an exclusive island.
  • Running out of essentials? Make perilous but necessary decisions without fear of falling into a treacherous pit.

Key Features

  • Prove your survival instinct in the stunning environments of an exclusive island.
  • Running out of essentials? Make perilous but necessary decisions without fear of falling into a treacherous pit.

Game Description

Exploring from the sky, you land in a mysterious island. They say to easily access a local airport, but there are no airports around.

Get the game

  • Play the Game in Google Play Store (Free)
  • Download App for PC Windows (Free)


ProjectM : Dream [2022]

Forget about the logic and prepare to meet a fantastic world that will not leave you indifferent. And the main thing is, meet Zhonkey! Yes, he lives in the forest, he is not an ordinary house cat, he is a trickster, and he needs our help.
Because Zhonkey’s life is in danger!
Zhonky is a legendary creature – a timid yet naughty cat with incredible strength, which eats raw meat exclusively. Even in the bestiary of the world there are no other wild animals that have attacked so many people and have as much strength as this animal.
And now his time has come – the Moon decides to take his life, and so he has to start all the things that were not supposed to be done: he will eat roadkill, pee all over the house and finish all the pies he had bought.
And all this will be shown through our detective’s eyes.
But what will happen, when you meet Zhonkey?

Is $\sin(\frac1{\log(x)}) = x^{1/\log(x)}$ for all $x \ge 2$?

I am writing a small proof in which I need to show that

$x \ge 2 \implies \frac1{\log(x)} \le \frac1{\log(\log(\log(x)))}$

What has already been shown is that

$x \ge 2 \implies \frac1{\log(x)} \le \frac1{\log(\log(\log(x)))} \iff x \le \log(\log(\log(x)))$

and I assume this could be one answer to my question, but the paper I’m trying to prove this from is not in english and the original is not readable.
Does my answer follow in any way?


Since $\log$ is strictly decreasing, $\log(\log(x))/*
* Copyright (c) 2010-2018. Axon Framework
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the “License”);


ProjectM : Dream Activation Free Download PC/Windows

When you first start the game, you have an in-game map that is at a maximum zoom. You can use this map to take in the cinematic. When you pause the game, you can use the pause button to return to the map, and you can move around with the arrow keys. You can also use the Z key to zoom in/out.
You can use WASD to move, unless you are on a platform, at which point you can use arrows. The game makes sure to show when you can’t move, although you can still press the arrow keys and WASD to move. It also shows arrows if your character does a flip or jump. However, the game generally keeps arrows underutilized unless you fall onto a platform.
As I mentioned before, you have an in-game map. You can use the zoom button to zoom in on objects. If you pause the game, you can get out of the map, and then you can get back into the map again and use the zoom button to zoom into objects. Once you zoom into an object, you can use Q/E keys to rotate the camera and view any angles of that object. You also have an in-game compass, but that doesn’t seem to get used much.
You can double click on the object to pick it up. As I mentioned before, the camera does show you when you can’t pick up an object. You can also roll, but there’s no effect for being able to do so.
You can stop the game, using the Esc key, and then click on the pause button to return to the game. You can then continue or pause, again using the pause button. If you start a level while paused, you’ll be taken to the map again.
The camera can also be viewed in the cinematic, which is great.
The game doesn’t have any graphics options.
The button mapping is, apparently, random.
If you pick up an object, you can then pick up another object by picking up the one that the first one is next to. You can’t pick up objects that are hidden, so if you were looking for an object, you can now look there.
The game doesn’t seem to really do much.
As long as I’m looking around, I can pick up objects, but I can’t pick up objects that


What’s new in ProjectM : Dream:

and Dust explores beyond the boundaries of enchantment and circumstance.

Friday, July 28, 2014

Hymn of the Falcon

Hymn of the Falcon is a clash of breathtaking beauty and hypnotic force. Where The Lawless Circuiters is just the same experienced solidified into repetitive note and rhythm, the album is a more fleshed out feeling progression.

This mixture of sweeping sounds, ethereal, evocative riffs and distant vocals leads towards something visceral and mystical. The innate genius of the band’s sound workings is always evident, but it’s perfection that elevates the song writing into something that is so memorable. Jared Swan and his classic line up of musicians not only complement each other superbly but unite into a sound that is unparalleled. This can be said for the band’s latest release as well, it’s all grand expressions of celestial wind propelled through massive chasms. The towering percussion, soaring melodies that move like a soufflé floating between heaven and hell makes the backdrops more visible and the experiences so much more tangible.

The 2-piece band recently had an album release show at The Seahorse and that was wonderful. A magical atmosphere and the band’s genteel and unpretentious approach to music transfers perfectly into the intimate surroundings. From the opening “Animate” where drums rise from the fog – “During most daytime hours there’s is more fear than grace. You can feel it on the breath – it’s more than just your lungs in a deep breath.” there is much to conjure up for the music to partake into. For instance “Smugglers’ Chapel” is a moment of floating between dread and joy when the song strains along whilst narrative vocals and tumultuous instrumentalists churn towards a crescendo. The closed in tension is almost palpable. “Growls of a Sea of Souls” is a gentle lullaby, so soothing it almost makes you want to go back in time to when you were a child and think you know everything about everything. “Morpheous Rites” evokes the timeless character of this record. The muted percussion only heightens the already heart-wrenching emotion. Chills run down your spine.

A minor bit of trivia for all of you out there is, there is nothing so painful as hunger. Such an emotion is often turned into music as a way of surviving. Many songs inspire you to either have a crave for something – or be hungry. Jared Swan’s “Talisman Phoenix” does


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The Broken Age is a single-player Action RPG set in the exciting world of The Order. Travel the planes of Neopia looking for the ten shards of an ancient object that holds the secrets of time and space.
A wonderfully quirky and original story written by one of the most well-known Neopets of all time, Tengoku.
Original music by Jason Hayes and Tom Salta
An All-New Combat System
The abilities of every hero open up in this new adventure, giving you options and new strategies. Solve puzzles and encounter new foes along your journey.
Over 15 content updates planned for this adventure, from new areas to new storylines, to even more new heroes.
You’re a hero, and you can be whoever you want to be, in this world.
The Man of the Hour
– Gobe the Guardian
– The ultimate damage soaking-tank with an ability to bend reality.Q:

How to add target element to setTimeout?

Ok so I have this Javascript that I use to add simple select drop downs to the bottom of a page, problem is it only works if its attached to the bottom of the page.
What I want to be able to do is add it to a div when I click a button so it can be added whenever I want.
This is the code:

function create_select() {
$(“div.select2″).append(” +
‘Volvo’ +
‘Saab’ +
‘Opel’ +
‘Audi’ +
setTimeout(create_select(), 2000);

And this is the div I want it to add to:


I would suggest using jQuery instead of the plain Javascript code. The


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  • If you’ve previously install the Multiplayer in The Surge 2, keep in mind, the expansion will be installed as well. So first of all, you need to install and activated the game.
    The Cargo Ship And The Creation Of Fluffy Doo
    The expansion will begin where the player ended up in the Cargo Ship. Being that the Cargo Ship is a single player game, they are not able to access multiplayer from there. The one thing that is good about the Cargo Ship is that you’ll be able to play even if the game is not online. By the way, even if The Kraken’s are active, they do not have any influence over the Cargo Ship or the Ship in The Surge 2.
    How The Fallout Shelter Added “Traps”
    The Vault was added in the first strike of The Surge 2 and this new change adds the ability to make traps in the stronghold of the survivors. This allows them to make it harder for the creature to find the prey that live inside these walls. You can say that this has been included to make a bit more fun in the game, as this adds a lot more strategy to it and makes the game more addicting, not leaving anyone with just leave to the creatures.
    How To Crack & Install The Kraken Expansion
    For those that have not yet downloaded or bought The Surge 2, the game is a free to play open world survival horror that allows the player to survive for 2 years in the event that a creature takes the stronghold and take over the city. The Kraken Expansion and The Kraken expansion have a free download size


    System Requirements For ProjectM : Dream:

    OS: Windows XP SP3 with at least 512MB of RAM
    Processor: Intel Pentium-4 2.8GHz or higher
    Memory: 512MB
    Graphics: DirectX 9-capable video card
    DirectX: Version 9.0c
    Hard Drive: 1GB available space
    Sound: DirectX 9.0c
    Additional Notes: 7.3MB install
    OS: Windows Vista or Windows 7
    Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad CPU
    Memory: 1GB



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