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Classes for OpenGL rendering.

This class is a descendant of TPaintBox in order to present graphics more comfortably.
TGPopupPanel is the editor for this component.

TGPopupPanel Description

A popup panel with an OpenGL context.

This popup panel displays a rectangle on a background.
If it contains a widget, it will render that widget on the context.
If it contains a TGWinControl descendant, it will render it (with a mouse hover if required).
Otherwise it will just display an filled rectangle on the background.
The widget is specified by the OnShowMenu parameter.

If you do not want the widget to be rendered, set that parameter to False, or set it to None to have an empty popup.
By default it renders the background that uses the color from TPaintBox’s background.
You have to change the custom color by enabling the OnShowMenu parameter and by setting it in the TGPopupPanel.OnShowMenu function.

The widget is automatically recreated and restored when the popup panel is created or destroyed.
For this reason you must set the AutoRecreate property to True before calling the OnShowMenu function.

In the OnShowMenu function you can draw in the OpenedGL canvas.
To paint the window border, you can just call the SetClientRects function.

To draw the entire popup, you have to use the OnOpenGLDraw function.
It has the following signature:

To change the popup’s transparency, you can use the OnTransparentColorChange function.
This is useful to preview the effect of the OnShowMenu parameter.

The following example shows how to use a TGWinControl descendant in a TGPopupPanel.
This example shows how to use a TGWinControl descendant in a TGPopupPanel.
It creates a TGProcedureWindow in a popup panel.
It uses a TGProcedure’s OnShowMenu to create the panel’s button.
When that button is clicked, a TGWinControl (TGListBox) is created and displayed.
The procedure is called OpenListBox in this example.

Alternatively, you can add an OnShowMenu event to the panel’s OnShowMenu event.
The TGWinControl is created there.

This example shows how to use a TGWinControl descendant in a TGPopupPanel.

TOpenGlPanel Crack + Torrent (Activation Code)

– Use in a main TScrollBox to display all the OpenGl components, including a TRibbon, TLayoutToolBar and TMainMenu.
– Designed with a LCL Style and compatible with the Tirzah, TMSVCL and TCustomStyleManager components
– Use a LCL style for a transparent look and feel (SNew look).

{OpenGL Component}


TOpenGlPanel Crack Keygen is compatible with all the ToGLChildren and ToGLChildrenProcs.



When the user change the position or size of TOpenGlPanel, the OnResize or OnPaint procedures are called.
The OnResize procedure is called when the OnResize event of TOpenGlPanel is fired.
The OnPaint procedure is called when the OnPaint event of TOpenGlPanel is fired.


In the OnResize procedure, the content of TOpenGlPanel is set to be filled with a 2D picture.
TOpenGlPanel>OnResize procedure
The OnResize procedure is called when the OnResize event of TOpenGlPanel is fired.
“in OnResize procedure, the content is filled with a 2D picture”
In OnPaint procedure, the content is changed to a 3D picture.
ToGLPanel>OnPaint procedure
The OnPaint procedure is called when the OnPaint event of TOpenGlPanel is fired.
“in OnPaint procedure, the content is changed to a 3D picture”
In the OnPaint procedure, the content of TOpenGlPanel is completely displayed with a 3D picture.







The component supports the creation of a 3D picture in a panel, with a simple coding.
For example, you can create a 3D picture in a panel as follows.
procedure TForm1.button1Click(Sender: TObject);
gl, vp : TOpenGlView;

TOpenGlPanel Crack+ Activation Key

The TOpenGlPanel is a panel with OpenGl rendering capabilities.
The OpenGl is rendered in the panel’s OnCreate.
The panel has predefined settings that do not allow for changing, like a type of background,
icons, etc. You may add any of these settings to your control’s OnCreate.
The OnCreate event is not checked by Visual Creator, so you’ll have to set the parameters
in the IDE.
The panel uses the same method as the ControlPanel.
Include the following unit in your forms unit, and add the panel to your form
unit u_OpenGlDemo;


Windows, Controls, StdCtrls, Graphics, Forms, u_OpenGl, u_OpenGlPanel;

TForm1 = class(TForm)
OpenGlDemoPanel: TOpenGlPanel;
procedure FormCreate(Sender: TObject);

Form1: TForm1;
opengl: TOpenGl;


{$R *.dfm}

procedure TForm1.FormCreate(Sender: TObject);
opengl := TOpenGl.Create(OpenGlDemoPanel);


Interface unit is necessary if you want to apply the OnCreate:
unit u_OpenGlPanel;


Windows, Controls, Classes, Graphics, StdCtrls, u_OpenGl, u_OpenGlPanel;

TOpenGlPanel = class(TPanel)
procedure CreateParams(var parms: TCreateParams); override;
procedure Create; override;
function WindowContext: HWND; override;
function SwapBuffers: HGLRC; override;


procedure TOpenGlPanel.CreateParams(var parms: TCreateParams);
inherited CreateParams(parms);

procedure TOpenGlPanel.Create(var parms: TCreateParams);

What’s New In TOpenGlPanel?


It is a TPanel descendant.
Its controls are centered.
The size of the image is measured by the component.
The area of maximum size is 1.
The size of the images is proportional to the size of the panel.
It can paint the images in a TOpenGlForm (shared by one parent).

OpenGl Properties:

The properties are as follows:
– OpenGL
– Width
– Height
– Z
– Option
– Orientation
– MinWidth, MinHeight
– MaxWidth, MaxHeight
– BorderWidth
– BorderHeight
– Caption
– GrowupDelay
– ClientWidth
– ClientHeight
– AutoSize
– AlphaBackColor
– CanvasColor
– BackgroundColor
– ImageIndex
– HoverBackColor
– HoverForeColor
– BackColor
– ForeColor
– Anchors
– Active
– ActiveColor
– Highlight


When you copy the source code of the component to a new project.
The component need to be loaded again.
You have to load the TOpenGlStaticPanel component into the new project.

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