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You have heard of many online games, and also you have already played many online games. League of Legends is also a very famous online game.there are players all around the world that plays League of legends. League of Legends is a very interesting game.there is no age limit for this game anyone can play this game and enjoy. 


The game league of legends was released on the 27th of October 2009. The developer company of this game is Riot Games.league of legends was first announced on October 7th 2008. Also, It was a closed beta from the 10th of April 2009 to the 22nd of October 2009. Then it was open beta until released. The designers of the League of legends are Steve Feak, Tom Cadwell, Colt Hallam, Christina Norman, Rob Garrett. 


first, you have to create your League of legends accounts after you log into your account game takes you into a tutorial match where the game shows you how to play. After tutorial matches, you can play with other players if you are not ready to play with other online players, then there is a practice mode where you can practice before playing with other online players. 


There are different kinds of champions with different abilities, and there is a different kind of items that you can buy from the shop that makes your champion stronger. 


there are about 146 champions to date. Riot Games introduces new champions every year. Mainly champions are categorised by melee champions and range champions. melee champions have to go near the enemy to attack them. Range champions attack the enemy from a distance using powers, arrows, guns, etc. Also, There the champions were again categorised by attack damage, ability power, tank, supporters, jungle.

Attack Damage(AD):-

the champions who are building damage are called the AD champions. 

Ability Power(AP):-

the champions who are building their ability power are called AP champions. 


the champions who are bulging armour and health are called tank champions. 


some champions have powers to help and protect fellow champions those champions have supportive items in the shop as well those champions are called supporters. 


there is a jungle. And there are animals at some places in the jungle, in a normal summoners rift match. Also, there is a player who hunts those animals in the jungle and ganks others lanes those champions are called jungle champions. 


items and equipment are in the shop. As the game progress, you’ll acquire gold. You can spend gold to buy items. Some powerful items are expensive but there made from combining some lower prize items so you can buy those lower prize items. And combine them or you can buy the full item at once. There are items to e build your damage, ability power, health, armour, attack speed, etc. your champion gets stronger according to the items you buy. 


There are three main maps each one is different from one to another.there are different layouts to each one of them. every map has different ways to play, and there are some items in the shop that are only in some maps. 

  1. Summoner’s Rift,

summoner’s Rift is the largest map in the League of legends. It has three lanes into enemy base every lane is guarded with three torrents and an inhibitor, the nexus is guarded with the main two torrents. Both sides of the map have a jungle filled with monsters and two main monsters with powerful buffs, the central river is home to two boss monsters who are Dragon and Baron and a scuttle crab. There are some plants in the jungle that have different uses the player who plucks them can use it. In the jungle, there are severe monster camps you can kill them and claim gold, and there are two major monsters which contain buffs by killing those monsters you can gain those buffs.

The scuttle crab in the central river doesn’t attack you by killing it you can keep him as a spy for some time in the river, so you have visual over that place in the map for some time. There is a dragon nest in the central river. Also, The Dragon is located in the river near the bottom lane. Dragon is usually handled as a group by slaying dragon you get a permanent stacking. It gives you many advantages by slaying five dragons you get dragon slayer buff by getting dragon slayer buff your champion gets stronger. The most challenging and powerful creature is Baron Nashor it makes its lair in the river near the top lane.


It is the most challenging natural creature in League of legends it is hard to win against this monster even for five well-built champions. Also, By slaying this massive, powerful creature you get the Hand of Baron buff it rises your damage ability power and speed. And also it reduces recall time by large, near minions gain extra range, movement speed, and damage reduction. Also, To claim victory in this map, you have to clear your path to the enemy nexus and destroy the enemy nexus. Also,  When you destroy an enemy torrent, you claim gold. And after you destroy an enemy inhibitor that lane summons super minions its help you to rush through enemy minions and get to enemy nexus. 

  1. The Twisted Treeline,

this map is smaller than summoner’s Rift, this map has two lanes with two torrents. And an inhibitor nexus is guarded with one torrent and a middle jungle. In this map, each team has three players. This match has reduced scale because in these map matches have short game lengths and higher skill score. And, There are three monster camps on both sides of the jungle. There are two capturable altars in the jungle those provide a bonus to the captive team. When you capture an, Alter it locks for some time that enemy could not recapture it in that lock time.

The boss monster in this map is Vilemaw. This undead spider is the toughest natural monster in this map. Also, It is hard to kill, by killing it your team gets a buff that reduces cool down, mana and health regeneration, attack speed and all the team members gets bonus gold.in the twisted treeline, you spawn with a substantial sum of gold. And, To win in this map, your team has to destroy enemy nexus. As in summoner’s Rift, after destroying an inhibitor that lane summons a super minion, it will help you to your victory. 

3. Howling Abyss, 

Howling Abyss is a map with a single lane without any natural monsters.there are five players in two teams. Your champion begins to play at level three with more amount of gold other than summoner’s Rift and the twisted treeline. After you leave the summoning platform, you can’t come back to the platform to heal. And also you can’t purchase items from the either, you have to die and summon again to purchase items from the shop. Also, the Recall spell also disables on this map.

Howling Abyss is a bridge each end of the bridge is the bases that guarded with two torrents and an inhibitor while the nexus his guarded with two torrents. This match is for quick matches, instant kills and team fights. And, This match has narrow escapes. There are four healing platforms with healing relics after using a healing relic another one will appear after some time. These healing relics give additional health and mana. As in summoner’s Rift. And the twisted treeline in howling abyss also summons supper minion after destroying enemy inhibitor. To win in howling abyss you have to destroy enemies nexus. Howling Abyss mode had become the most popular game mode in the League of legends today. 


The League of legends has been the most popular in many countries. Many players now play League of legends, and there are international level tournaments in the League of legends. From season to season league of legends been updated with new features and new adventure maps. And, If you are interested in an online games league of legends is a good game for you. I will update you with newer information about the League of legends. till then play and enjoy the game.

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