Hubble telescope found out a theory on the dark matter

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 This is a piece of new news in the space field. In the earlier, even though there are some situations that Hubble telescope used to detect some of those unknown things. This time even there is another thing that had found out. Today I want to tell you such a thing. Not only using the Hubble telescope but also the special another feature helps to find the above fact. Above feature is known to be the general relativity. From that feature, scientists had found out a special thing. That is the features of dark matter. 

  Now I know that you are eager to know about this other investigation through the Hubble telescope. Many people had questions about dark matter. The raised problem somewhat differs from the other questions. Everyone raised questions. Are there something referring dark matter. Along with these ideas, scientists started to find out this fact. 

  Even with the Hubble telescope’s the new technique was used. As I told above, general relativity feature also used through those scientists capable of the finding of the features of dark matter. Dark matter 100, 000 less large than the dark matter present in the Milky Way galaxy. But previous to move to the next part, we have to see some amount related to the dark matter. Shall we?? 

What are the matters called dark matters???

Dark matter

    Dark matters are some natural things that are existing in the universe. Those occupy about 85% of the space of total energy exist in the space. That amount is from the total energy density. That total energy is limited only to the earth. 

Reason to call them as dark matter

  Do you know the reason why these matters called as the dark matter?? The matters called dark matter as these are don’t contact with electromagnetic radiation. It doesn’t show any interaction. Other than electromagnetic radiation, the light also shows such kind of reaction. That is undetectable by the astronomical instruments. There are some reasons to see those are existing. Some can be proven, and some are still unproven through the gravitational sensing and the cosmic microwave background that can be detected. 


  In the world 27% dark matter and 68% of dark matter presence. Plus dark matter usually has a mass of 85%.

  In the above, I told you some materials that they don’t show reactions. But with the baryonic matter, it shows some less reaction — dark matter considered to be non-baryonic. As the structures, these dark matter consists of some subatomic particles. They cannot be discovered yet. There are three types of classifications in dark matter. They are as cold, warm and hot. This founded dark matter included in the cold dark matter. You can see more about it through the following. 

Proofs of dark matter

Dark matter

  After sometimes most of the people accepted about the existence of the dark matter. After that, they originated some standard laws about the dark matter with the existing factors. General relativity is one of them. That law consists of the factors like modified newton dynamics, entropic gravity and the tensor vector scalar gravity. 

 According to the definition of the dark matter, 

all components of the universe which are not visible but still obey” 

It is a hypothesis 

  Dark matter is a hypothesis of science. But as the present details, this hypothesis is proving. There are some ways of the detection of these particles. Those are direct detection and indirect detection. Through those ways, scientists could find about them. 

  After finding these above clumps of dark matter, another thing came forward. Actually, it is a theory. That theory is known as the cold dark matter. These above matters are compatible with the cold dark matter theory. In the next part, we can see about the cold dark matter. 

What is the cold dark matter???

Cold dark matter

   This is a hypothetical dark matter type. The above investigated provide similar details for the cold dark matter. Or else this is known as the CDM in the short form. The above details that I told you in the above dark matter section details are applicable for the cold dark matter. 

   Now that seems to be possible to exist. Within the new types of them weakly interacting massive particles, primordial black holes and axions are presence. 

Investigation methods 

 Dark matter can be detected with some methods. But the cold dark matter is not like that. Therefore it is difficult to find dark matter. There are main constituents in the cold matter. Those are axions, massive compact halo objects and weakly interacting massive particles. Axions are some light particles. And the massive compact halo objects are somewhat large objects. Large means it had filled with some materials. Examples of such objects are neutron stars, black holes and white dwarfs. Weakly interacting compact halo objects are still a hypothetical theory. We cannot explain such kind of Particle in practice. 

   This above are some more details about the dark matter. Now we will turn back to our main topic. 

  About the above incident, Tomasso True said the following. 

we made a very compelling observational test for the cold dark matter model and it passes with flying colours” 

New viewpoint

black hole

   Now scientists are trying a different way to look at this matter. They are applying physics for observable situations. In the above, I told you about the cold matter. According to another view of the scientists, they are as follows. The hot is to refer Particles move closer to the speed of light. Plus the cold matter is to refer the particles move at the slower than expected speed. 

  In the above, I told you about the general lensing feature. This feature is predicted by Einstein’s general relativity. Sometimes those can be in the same line. But it is a very rare situation. This instance is called an Einstein cross.

Einstein cross

  Then you will start thinking about which type of connection between this and the Einstein crosses. The Hubble telescope assigned to find about such eight Einstein crosses. Scientists define the galaxies as a heavy magnifying glass. Here Hubble telescope performed a special task. That Hubble telescope helps to measure how the quasars of light warped by the lens. After that, overall photos compel to take a clear picture. Then it had turned to calculate the total mass of the dark matter. 

Ideas of experts 

  Other details related to these things don’t affect to another type of dark matter. That details are only limited for the cold dark matter — viewpoint of the Anna Nierenberg as follows. 

Astronomers have carried out other observational tests of dark matter theories before, but ours provides the strongest evidence yet for the presence of small clumps of cold dark matter,”

   Anna Nierenberg is an astronomer as well as a physicist. Then, after all, decisions by the scientists, this above fact released for the public. That release had done during the 23rd getting together of the American Astronomical Society. 

   I think this above is need to tell you today. Hubble will perform more in the future too. Definitely, I will tell you is there any details. Actually, our outer space is a newsmaker. 

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