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 This name feels something different. But don’t think about that. We are only talking about the lunar eclipse that had taken place recently. That is the lunar eclipse in 2020. You know that it is a natural event. Even though we had heard about many moons eclipse, those are taking place. We had seen a recent moon eclipse. Actually, what is known as a lunar eclipse? Today we are here to see that. Even you can gather many interesting details about the moon eclipse to your knowledge library. Would you like to read these above details?? There is another thing that has to tell you exceptionally from the above topic. That is the moon. We all like the moon very much. That is a common favorite of many people without any consideration. 

  In other than that, there are many creations that made out with the theme as the moon. There are many stories, poems, and songs made out with the moon as the main subject. That is also a pleasant image. Actually, that is right. But today we don’t need to talk about that pleasant image. But we have to move on with the lunar eclipse. 

  In other than the lunar eclipse, I would like to tell you some more about the moon. I did not tell you about the moon, even in my previous articles. 

2020 lunar eclipse

Full moon

  This lunar eclipse occurred at the beginning of the new year. You know other than the lunar eclipse Meteorite shower even taken place. There is another name for this lunar eclipse. It is the penumbral lunar eclipse. As you know, this lunar eclipse occurred in the 2020 January. That is on the special full moon poya day. 

  There is a law. Also, Law is not the most suitable word for it. It can be known as the custom. Lunar eclipses are occurring in the full moon poya days usually. But the penumbral lunar eclipse is different than the above-told one. 

  Would you like to know how that eclipse occurred last Friday?? 

  The moon moved up to the penumbra of the earth. Or else it can be the surface shadow of the moon. According to the above incident, the moon seems to be very darker than the other days. This is about the penumbral lunar eclipse when compared with the complete eclipse that is very different because the changes of complete lunar eclipse are different. 

  That shows some beautiful effects. There is no word to describe that scene. We can call it as dramatic even. I think that is a practical saying for that situation. Within this situation, the moon becomes dark red in color. You can memorize that. During a total lunar eclipse, the moon becomes dark red color. 

  You know how this will occur. And what was the background situation at that time? But it will last in a few minutes. Actually, it remains for about 4 hours. That is much enough time for such an event. Within those 4 hours, people can observe that situation very carefully. 

 Sometimes you may be capable of seeing the last lunar eclipse. People all over the world couldn’t see this incident. Why was that situation ?? That incident is visible to some of the countries only. That is easy if I tell them in the continents. Persons who lived in Asia, Africa, Europe, and Australia were lucky to observe that above penumbral eclipse. I think most of the persons had used this lucky chance. 

  People from North America could be seen this lunar eclipse in the middle of the night. It is a difficult time. The lunar eclipse started at 12.06 am, and it remains until 4.14 pm. However, people managed their time to see the lunar eclipses. 


the moon

Then I have another question. The topic itself is mentioned. What is that wolf moon?? Have you heard that before?? Or else have seen that before?? Some of you have answers while some of you haven’t any answer. Wolf moon is a specific phrase. That phrase is to signify the moon of the initial month of the year. Not only January, but there is also a phrase for the moon in the other months. Definitely, this name has to be hanged with the wolves. Your imagination is correct. The above phrase wolf moon came from the hungry wolves. Anyway, that is about the term of the moon. 

 Would you interest in knowing the other phrases of the moons in the other months? I guess you like it. Already you know January moon is the wolf moon. Then except for the wolf moon, I would like to tell you the following moons, respectively, according to the month. They are as snow moon, worm moon, pink moon, flower moon, strawberry moon, buck. Moon, sturgeon moon, corn moon, harvest moon, blue moon, beaver moon. Plus, finally, the cold moon. We can see those every type of moon once per year. 

  These days, did you have seen some brightest objects in the sky?? If not, go and see the sky. I promise you definitely would be able to see it. Do you know the name of that brightest natural object?? I forgot to tell you about the direction that we can see this star. That brightest object is a planet. Usually, that is appearing in the western direction. The name of that Object is venus. Sometimes you may be guessed that. You can see it in these days. And it would remain until April. Venus will gain its peak brightness in the initial days of April.

  You know there are 12 months per year. Even a small child knows it. There is a full moon every month. Therefore there are altogether 12 full moons that are there. But this year, there are two moons within the same month. The special month is October. There is a specific name for that moon even. That is known as the blue moon. 

  With that above word, I recognized something. You also had heard this. That is an idiom. “once in a blue moon.” Yes, that is suitable. It depicts the idea rarely. It implies a situation or something that happens rarely. Other than the blue moons, there will be full moons within this year. Through the above, I can conclude that this year will be a special year because there are new situations in the moons of the year. 

  In the above, I told you that if there would be time, definitely I’ll tell you about the moon in detail. That time had come. Pay your attention to know them. 

The moon


   If I name this as the moon of the earth, it is very suitable. Because there are moons for the other planets as well, we can see this moon nicely. Is that the actual image of the moon?? 

  Definitely No. That is a very far object from us. We cannot see the actual image from here. There are some craters on the surface of the moon. But those are cannot be seen. As that feature, there are more others. We have to see them now. 

  This is a satellite of the earth. That is accurate if I tell this is the only satellite. This is the second densest satellite among all satellites in the other planets. Our moon had a history of about 4.51 million years ago.

 The most important detail about our moon is physical characteristics. It has a structure of the crust, mental, and core. In the inner core, there are iron-rich components. There are lunar plains also within the moon. As in the above, there are craters on the surface of the moon. Do you know how those craters are formed on the surface of the moon? 

Those are formed due to the collision between the surface of the moon and Meteorites and the asteroids. 

   These above are some details about the satellite in the earth. I think those are essential for you now. Remain in the alert about the blue moons and the super moons both. This is the end of today. Wait for some more.

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