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Earth is our mother planet. There is another planet that can be compared with another world. Therefore we can conclude that that earth cannot be comparable. According to the above topic, it is said that there is another planet that seems to be similar to the earth. We will see about that. And we will see the features even the same as the earth. I have another question. That is, can people live on that planet like the earth. You can find the answer to that after reading the following part. 

The earth-sized planet. 

   There is a name for that planet. That is named as the TOI 700 d. This is a very nearest planet to the earth. There is a small distance from the planet to the earth. I can tell you the approximate length between them. That is about 100 light-years. 

   That is a very small distance when comparing to space. Do you know the reporter of this planet? It is TESS. I’ll give you some basic details about the TESS, even in the following. But before that, we have to see the planet similar to the earth. TESS was specially designed to find this type of planets. This type of 9f planets means the planets that show features of the earth. 

  Through my previous article, even though I told you about such type of planet. But TESS was not the founder of that planet. That was the Kepler. After the retirement of the Kepler, TESS was assigned to fill the space of the Kepler. Therefore Kepler became the founder. Paul Hertz himself said that TESS ‘s main objectives are to find out the nearby planets like the earth. Paul Hertz is the director of the NASA Astrophysics division.


earth-like Planet

    During the beginning of this investigation, there were many errors had occurred. But later, the TESS controlling team would be able to find the mistake and capable of correcting it. TESS had misunderstood the star as a planet. After correcting the errors, the spitzer space telescope approved the investigation. 

  Even TESS was launched very recently. That was in 2018. As in the above told, this above planet was the first discovery of the TESS. TESS stays in only one place, and then it is observing the planets around the space. It is very difficult to observe them separately. But TESS had done that. 

  There are three planets discovered by the same device. Those three are TOI 700 b, TOI 700 c, and TOI 700 d. There is a habitable zone in the TOI 700 d type. What is that habitable zone?? You can see it as follows. 

Habitable zone 

  There is another name for it. That is the galactic zone. It is distance. Distance means the gap between a star and to the surface. Actually, that is not a normal surface. It is very special and different. What is that??? That surface should be a surface that contains liquid water. Finally, you know what is meant by the goldilocks zone or the habitable zone. 

 Then we would move to our next topic. That is, 

TOI 700 d

Toi 700d

   This is known to be a rocky planet. Also, this planet is an exoplanet type. This is the initial exoplanet that found similar to the earth. That is in the habitable zone. That is discovered by the TESS. You can know more when we are talking about TESS. This was discovered on the 3rd of January 2020. TOI 700 d was discovered from the transit method. 

   There are many significant characteristics of the TOI 700 d planet. Some of the features are such as mass, temperature, and radius. 

Physical features 

   The mass and the radius are similar to the earth. The mass is around 1.72M, and the radius is about 1.19R. That is only an estimation. 

  This can also be known as a red dwarf. That is included in the spectral class of M. There are 11 sectors of the star. This is not emitted by only the single white light. The low rotation indicates something. That is the low stellar activity. And TOI 700 d orbits every 37. 4260 days. Usually, this TOI 700 d orbits around in some zone. You know that. That is the habitable zone. 

   These above details are about the features and the TOI 700 d planet. Then we have to know some details about the founder of the TOI 700 d planet. Especially that has to be a consideration. Then, 

TESS of the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite


   That is using as a space explorer. Plus, you know that this is the next device assigned for the Kepler’s task. I think that TESS is a suitable device to perform Kepler activities. The first one is the TOI 700 d planet. 

 TESS provides facilities to find out about the planets similar to the earth by the transit method. Through this, 400 times of space can be covered than the Kepler. On the 18th of April 2018, the TESS was launched. That was planned to find out about more than 20,000. More than 20,000 of exoplanets. Until now, TESS had identified about 1400 exoplanets. 

   On the 7th of August 2018, the first image was taken. Then on the 17th of September 2018, that was released publicly. The space observatory is the mission type. The foundation of this TESS is NASA. This was planned for two years. The planned region is the higher earth. The eccentricity level is 0.55.

   The main objective is the above mission is to find out the brightest natural object in the sky. The mass, size, and density of a planet can be observed with this instrument. There is another portion of this telescope. That is the James Webb space telescope. Through this, the primary targets of the space. 

  TESS is using a different path. That is the elliptical orbit. TESS orbits two times when the moon revolves only one time. 


astronaut and earth

 TESS started the work officially on the 25th of July 2018. There is another thing that is depicted by TESS observations. That is the Alpha Draconis. The alpha Draconis is a type of star. Through the data by the TESS, the alpha Draconis can be concluded that eclipsing binary star. 

    You know there is a ground system by the TESS. It was divided among the eight sites. Those are divided among the United States of America. 

Then we have to talk about the payloads of the TESS. Some of them are as follows. There are four CCD  cameras. Those are very powerful as to image the space. Within the time period of the investigation, TESS will examine both the northern and the southern parts of the earth. I mean about the southern hemisphere and the northern hemisphere. TESS had completed the first part of its investigation at the end of July. After the 60 days, the planners decided to start the primary mission. 

  Those are the main details about the project of the TESS. TESS of the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite. And also, other details that are included as well. I think those above will be very useful for you one day.

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